Naiccon Comic Book Competition

Naiccon will be happening in August, 24th and 25th and we will be looking for the most exciting comic book story and get to support them. This competition will be part of this years' edition, with the awarding held at the event.

Ron Marz, will be working with Naiccon to support the budding comic book community in East Africa.

This competition we hope will go a long way to create new markets for our artists as well as improve the writting skills of the artists.


  • Mentorship and Skill Building
  • Creating a market for African creative content


Download Sample Script from Ron Marz Next Tab =>

Ron Marz has been writing comics for two decades, and thinks it's pretty much the best job ever. His current work includes "Witchblade" and the graphic novel series "Ravine" for Top Cow, "The Protectors" for Athleta Comics, his creator-owned title, "Shinku," for Image, and Sunday-style strips "The Mucker" and "Korak" for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Follow him on Twitter (@ronmarz) and his website,