Cosplay Competition

Cosplay (Costume Play), is where the coolest people of all ages dress up as their favorite pop-culture characters. This year #Asylum promises to give you the biggest Cosplay experience this year with KSH. 100,000 to be won. Whether you are pro cosplayer or a noob, we have 2 days of awesome cosplay action.


Saturday will have a themed Asylum cosplay competition. Come in your favorite crazy/whacky/insane character costume, whether it’s from Anime, Comic Book, Film, Gaming, Animation...etc This will be an unranked competition where bragging rights will be up for grabs. The people will be the judges and you get to win awesome prizes.


This is the Ultimate Cosplay Award with a prize pool of Ksh.100,000. Contestants will register with their name, contact details (email address and phone number) and the character they are cosplaying. This is an open competition and is not restricted to specific characters. The judging shall be done by a panel of professional judges and points will be on the basis of construction, accuracy and presentation. Registration closes on 5th August 2018.

Before you Register


The #Asylum Cosplay Competition will reward both the ability to make costumes and perform on stage. The judges’ panel awards 100 points and the average score is calculated based on the number of judges.

Costume scores

The mark out of 100 given by the judges will be subdivided into the following subcategory: 

(a) 40 points for accuracy of the costume, 
(b) 40 points for the construction of the costume,
(c) 20 points for presentation. 

Ksh. 60,000 1st Prize prize_01
Ksh. 30,000 2nd Prize prize_02
Ksh. 10,000 3rd Prize prize_03

Please Note

Prizes are not transferable. All expenses not specified above, including, without limitation, all taxes, and international tariffs, are the sole responsibility of the individual Winner.