Kade Ule Mtoi

Written by Naiccon on .

KADE: Ule Mtoi Mrui is a fun, 2D adventure game that recalls the joy of youth. It takes place in the beautiful setting of rural Kenya and follows the story of Kade, a mischievous young boy.

Based in a village in rural Kenya, the game follows the story of a young, mischievous boy named Kade. One day he spots a brand new bicycle for sale at the local shop that he just has to have, but his mother will not give him the money to buy it.


Instead she instructs him to do some work around the neighborhood to make the money to buy the bicycle. Kade, being the willful child that he is, has a better idea of how to make some quick cash. And so, with slingshot in hand, he sneaks onto Mr Njuguna’s farm, and his adventure begins.