Roba, like other anti-heroes in the Kenya Noir genre comes from a humble background.

“Anti-heroes” unlike pure heroes are flawed people who achieve great things in spite of their flaws rather than because of a super-human perfection. This gives them a unique authority to inspire everyday people to greatness or simply goodness.

Born to a poor single-mother in Mombasa, Roba drops out of high-school to make ends meet and reluctantly joins a growing cartel run by a local kingpin and aspiring politician named Rashid Mwamba.

All is well until the 19 year-old Roba is used by Rashid as a scape-goat in a politically motivated 'clamp down' by the anti-narcotics police who are in his pocket. Roba spends the next ten years in Kamiti Maximum Security Prison during which time his mother dies, his girlfriend moves in with Rashid and he has to endure physical abuse from other inmates until he is taken under the tutelage of a respected inmate facing a life sentence. Roba is transformed into a morose physically imposing man that no one will mess with. When he leaves prison, he wants nothing other than to destroy Rashid. In this strange mission Roba finds himself allied with the ‘good guys.’ Rashid, however (as we learn in ever greater detail in subsequent issues such as 'Roba versus the Poachers') is a cat with 9 lives.


ABOUT ITS CREATION Roba was originally written and illustrated by Chief Nyamweya in early 2011 as a monthly comic and later adapted for syndication as a daily comic in The Star newspaper. The daily output immediately made Roba the most prolific indigenous comic series in Kenya at over 100 pages every four months, or enough paper to cover a 25 meter swimming pool in one year. CREDITS

"Roba versus the Poachers" is Illustrated by Ben KG and Written by Chief Nyamweya

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