The Dawn is a seven part comic book series that chronicles the events surrounding a group of unlikely heroes.

The narrative focuses on Hosea Arden who is the main protagonist, a shadow government allied, or so it seems, with Alien aggressors and a family of explorers.

After the discovery of an Alien Craft in Egypt, a fringe team of scientists is tasked with uncovering the mysteries surrounding the object’s origin. During a preliminary analysis of the craft, Arden and the mysterious object vanish from the MJ-12 black site. He finds himself in the clutches of a hostile Alien race that discovers the presence of ‘El-Abba’ within his genetic structure.

El-Abba, a power once relegated to myth, was believed to be inherent only in a long forgotten race of Meta-beings. Arden, who surprisingly bears it in its latent state, finds himself the recipient of much unwanted attention and the effort to control it sees the formation of inconceivable alliances.

The unfolding saga reveals ancient truths hidden from all sentient life in the universe since       the cataclysm.