A comic about a group of friends finding kinship in each other.

Dunamis came to life on the premise that there is a lack of appreciation for the challenges that persons with disabilities have to endure during their lifetime.

There is no recent data on the situation of people with disabilities in Kenya. Some numbers are available, although these do not give an accurate picture of the number of disabled people living in the country.

Applying the WHO recommended value of 10 per cent of Kenya's population (of approximately 36 million) would indicate that there may be close to 4 million persons with disabilities living in Kenya. Many disabled people in Kenya, as in most developing countries in the world, are a marginalized population and thus live in poverty, having limited opportunities for accessing education, health, and suitable housing and employment opportunities. The majority experience hardships as a result of inbuilt social, cultural and economic prejudices, stigmatization and more often, abuse and violence. And thus, their stories need to be told so as to enhance social inclusion.