Warner bros developing attack on titan movie

In a world where adapting amine to the big screen still hasn’t been perfected, the next guy to take his chance according to Hollywood reporter and Variety is IT director Andy Muschietti.

This being his third film under Warner Bros, the success of adapting a Stephen king book might just be what he needs to take on an anime adaption. However, the grotesque animation style and gruesome war-time violence from the anime will be quite the challenge even for Muschietti’s distinctive visual flair.

This won’t be the first time attack on titan has been adapted. The Japanese tried to bring the anime to life twice and had more negative reviews than positive. On the bright side, Muschietti will undoubtedly be given a good share of a hefty budget that might be what he needs to pull this one through.

He will be joined by longtime harry potter producer David Heyman and Masi Oka and Barbara Muschietti as producers. There has been no announcement of screenwriters yet but more news will be expected next year.

Attack on titan is a story created by Hajime Isayama which debuted in 2009 as a manga. The story follows a group of teenagers desperately trying to defend their walled city from a killer race of humanoid giants called titans who want to eat the city’s inhabitants. They have to fight them of using swords and giant robots. Badass right?

Production of the movie will probably commence once Andy Muschietti completes the sequel to IT, which will premiere on the 6th of September next year.


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By NAICCON on Oct 31, 2018

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