By Brian Samuel Opati,

Thursday 26th April, 2018...just last week found us roadbound to the cinema to watch the premier of Avengers Infinity War. Little did we know what was waiting ahead for us...

No, this isn't an "Avengers" movie as the studio would have you believe...this is simply a clever tactic by Marvel Studios to have you believe that what you have seen this far in the trailers and now on the posters and merchandise is all their is. WRONG! This is Thanos's movie and man does the character shine!

What I didn't realize going in with my friends to the premier was how much the hype was going to pay off in the actual viewing of the film: Every performance was great! And I do not say this merely as a huge fan of the MCU (thanks to Kevin Feige and all the other minds that made this movie the box office success that it is), but because it's just a great film, man.

The scenes, the moments were well balanced (as Thanos himself would like it) with sincerely deep emotional moments such as in Loki's death and in humor through the interactions of the Guardians and Avengers' team. And the best treat yet that will get critics of the MCU talking is the rewarding experience of witnessing the villain succeed. 

For some of you who are unfamiliar with the MCU, this is not for you (I highly recommend that you watch all 18 movies the MCU has done before you watch this film). This film has been described by credible news and film sources as being a 3rd act in an of itself (both this and the upcoming untitled Avengers movie slated for May next year). These two films are a double whammy and the culmination of the first three phases of the MCU...after which the gloves are off and Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have assured us all that the upcoming movies will truly be a treat! (Speculation has it that more new titles will be rolled in the MCU with some having their own films such as the Celestials movie that's slated to come to cinemas sometime after the 4th Avengers film next year.

And lest we forget, this film is the celebration of the 10 years that the MCU has been in existence so you bet it had to be good, packed up with a great cast/characters, character development, stories and upgrades that made even my own very unstable and fickle self jawdrop at the awesomeness presented to me on the big screen. 

As for now, RIP Loki, Heimdall, Gamora and many more. But be on the lookout for the return of many of our beloved characters (especially since now the only ones that remain are the founding members of the Avengers team). Oh man, Hawkeye, Ant Man and the Wasp were missing and a new trailer drops today (1st May, 2018) sure to catch the action that is the Ant Man and the Wasp trailer clip today...even as we mourn many fallen heroes.

The best treat coming out of the movie? Well, I'd say it's the adaptation of the comic book material and it works great on screen!! Keep an eye out for Easter eggs for the next and past films in the MCU's movie lineup. It's worth your time.

May the Avengers truly assemble! Watch this movie with a friend and or a group of friends or your loved one because you'll need emotional support during the rollercoaster that is this film. Currently screening in IMAX 3D and 2D.

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By NAICCON on May 1, 2018

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