Ben Affleck Out After Next Film

By Brian Samuel Opati

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Sorry it's been a crazy time for me running around and verifying all the news I'm receiving from so many different sources. And for all you fans out there might just recall the feeling that hit every DC fan when Ben Affleck was cast as the cinematic universe's Batman.

Not everyone took that news well. Some believed that the role could have been passed on to Christian Bale after his stellar performance in the Dark Knight Trilogy. I think that it's important to note that Affleck's mixed welcome from the DC and movie-goer canvases was understandable especially after his lackluster performance in the Daredevil movie. But now we have hope.

Recently, the execs at Warner Bros just confirmed that the slated upcoming Batman film will be Affleck's last entry into the universe. And with expectations that the universe will reboot as casting calls are made for a new actor to fill his slot as the caped crusader, have made DC the center of focus in the community.

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By NAICCON on Jun 27, 2018

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