The DC movie universe is still wet from the success splash that followed James Wan’s Aquaman which went on to bypass not only other DCEU films but all DC superhero films after passing dark knight rises in the box office. The success has caused some fears in the studio to fade and expectations rise with the chairman of WB Toby Emmerich  coming out and confirming DC is taking a different approach to Marvel’s where the movies will aim to be more  director centered rather than leading up to a centric plot. The newest updates in recent days can confirm this.

Bird of prey film scheduled to premiere on the 7th of Feb 2020 recently began shooting and released a screen test that showcased the main characters and also give a feel to what Cathy Yan, the director might be going for in the film. Margot Robbie reprises the role of Harley Quinn and will be leading a team of heroes such as Black Canary, huntress and Renee Montoya as they face Black Mask and victor Zcazz. The film has a Suicide Squad feel to it but also promises to be a different kind of movie all together.

Speaking of Suicide Squad, James Gunn has been confirmed to direct a Suicide Squad sequel. James was fired from his Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy after his old tweets resurfaced where he made controversial and insensitive jokes. He was announced to be writing the movie so the news of him landing the director’s job doesn’t come as a surprise. What is still unclear is which direction he will go from here, either setting up a direct sequel or a completely revamp and reboot of the movie from the first one. The movie has been scheduled for an August 2021 release date, five years after the original.

The Batman movie officially gets a release date in June 25, 2021. Ben Affleck, the current Batman who appeared in Batman vs Superman and Justice League will not be helming the movie according to deadline because the story will focus on a younger Bruce Wayne. Matt Reeves took over for Affleck in 2017 who was set to write, direct and star in the batman movie but now Reeves has all the control with his story set as a prequel needing a younger caped crusader than Affleck’s veteran dark knight. There is still a chance Batffleck will continue being Batman in the current continuity but that’s still early to say. Reeves has promised a point of view driven, noir Batman tale that will be both thrilling and emotional and not based on the batman year one origin story.

Finally, in a move to mirror the success of Spider-man: into the spiderverse, DC has plans to release a theatrical Batman Beyond animated movie. Dc has long established itself as the gold standard of comic book animation with series such as Batman: the animated series and Young Justice and yearly supply of great animated movies. This with the collaboration of Warner Animation group (developers of the Lego movie) the movie has great promise. Batman beyond started off as a cartoon show to follow up Batman: the animated series and it will be great to see it back in cartoon, just bigger and better.

The future is lining up for the DCEU and other DC movies with already each year confirming a minimum of 2 movies. There is still no concrete news of other confirmed projects such as New Gods, Green Lantern Corps and Batgirl, but from the news so far, the wait won’t be too long.


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By NAICCON on Feb 2, 2019

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