Dysney's Streaming Service

With the success of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, every player in Hollywood is looking to join in the fun. With WB launching its DC Universe streaming services just a few months ago, Disney is ready for one of its own.

Disney is the biggest brand in Hollywood. From owning animation giant Pixar, Star Wars studio Lucasfilms, the highly lucrative Marvel Entertainment and now acquiring Fox, there is no stopping the giant. Now imagine all that in one place. Awesome right? That’s exactly what Disney streaming channel is offering.

All Disney movies and animation, all Marvel movies, all Star Wars movies and Pixar movies such as Cars and Toy Story all in one place. It promises to be family friendly and with enough good content to give Netflix a run for its money as the hub of binging amazing content.

Moreover, it has announced original series that would be exclusive to the service. Marvel is branching to the television screens with limited series including a Loki, Scarlet witch and a Falcon/Winter soldier series all announced. These are all still under marvel studio and produced by Kevin Feige.  Star Wars fans will enjoy the Jon Favreau’s Star Wars: Mandalorian series and a Cassian Andor rebel spy series. There will also be a Monster Inc. series and a High School Musical series. Disney+, wants to take all of our monies.

There is obviously something for everyone and hopefully this is just but the tip of all that is planned in the many Disney owned properties going forward.

The Disney+ is schedule to launch first half of 2019.


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By NAICCON on Nov 12, 2018

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