Marvel’s Shang-Chi movie

After ten years of dominating the superhero movie space, there has been much curiosity on where the marvel cinematic universe is to go from here. Whichever that path might be, it involves a move diverse take on the universe. With the success of Black Panther both critically and commercially, door have been open for characters from any part of the world to also make their break. One of the profiteers of this is Shang-Chi.

Shang-Chi is son of a China based globalist who was raised and educated in a reclusive china compound where he was closed off to the rest of the world till he got much older. The child is trained in the best martial arts and develops unsurpassed skills. He is eventually released to the world to do his father’s bidding. The story takes a dark turn when he discovers his - father might not be the humanitarian he claimed to be and takes an alias - the Devil’s Doctor and might be more than a century old making them bitter enemies. The father is Fu Man Chu, who will be a hard case for Disney as they lost their rights to the character.

Marvel has set Chinese-American scribe Dave Callahan to pen the screenplay. He may be the right person as his experience in co-writing Wonderwoman 1984 and writing Spiderman: into the spiderverse 2 combined with his knowledge of Chinese mythology blend together to world build a culturally significant and action-packed movie. Marvel is also looking for a Chinese or Chinese-American director to helm the project, my hope is on Jackie Chan in hopes to mirror the diversity celebrated in Black Panther’s cast and crew.

Though it’s too early, the movie is reportedly being fast tracked and will probably begin film earlier than we predict for a 2020 or 2021 release day.

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By NAICCON on Dec 7, 2018

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