The dark knight, "PATTMAN"

We all knew it was coming at some point, and we all knew it would come with as much intrigue if not disgust.

Matt Reeves took over the helm of the batman solo movie from the hands of the star, Ben Affleck. He had a plan for a trilogy coming right after a successful trilogy with the planet of the ape’s franchise. At first, the project was to star the then batman, Ben Affleck continuing as the cape crusader with Reeves even backing him up on twitter, but it was not to be.

The films will be set in the 90s, at least the first one, which means the veteran batman that came to be known as Batffleck, was way too old for. So, Ben Affleck took on twitter to retire his cowl and rumors of who will wear it has been the biggest talk from DC in recent months. Names were floated around. The likes of john Hamm, Ryan Gosling, (previous cast but never performed) Armie Hammer, Scott Adkins and even went to a person like Zac Efron, but it seems the balls are stopping at Robert Patterson.

Known mostly for being the sexy symbol from the twilight movies, the news will be met with a lot of hate, some understandable. But this is DC. Every cast in the past decade has been met with just as much criticism if not hate. Some surprised us and nailed it like Ben Affleck, Heath Ledger and Gal Gadot and some like Jared Leto, the jury is still out. It’s not a surprise to them at this point.

Robert Patterson has however acted in some good indie movies that justifies the selection. Films like Cosmopolis, the lost city of Z, the rover, high life and good time are good example of his acting prowess, but that being said, there is the whole batman look. Batffleck was huge, the first time we have seen a muscular batman and does DC really want to go back to a skinnier batman (no offence to bale). With filming set to begin late this year or early next year, will he be as big, or close to ben Affleck. Furthermore, does he have the chin, the face, the grin, the brooding? You decide.

Warner bros have moved from limiting any other batman except for the big screen to having one in Gotham, titans, hints in arrowverse and now a new batman in the big screen. The news is still not 100% confirmed but it looks very likely.  He also has another untitled movie set for next year with the reputable director, Nolan, so WB is keeping him close at home.

It’s still early to know how it will go forward and if he will do the dark knight the justice it deserves, time will tell. Considering Heath Ledger, arguable the best portrayal of the joker also came from a previously laughable role in a small film, maybe, just maybe there is hope for pattman.

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By NAICCON on May 17, 2019

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