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Marvel Comics, DC & Dynamyte Comics Artist at #Asylum2018

He went on to work on various Batman titles, including Legends of the Dark Knight, Batwoman, Batman Incorporated, and Nightwing Read More

by NAICCON on Jul 30, 2018


Live Action Lead Confirmed!

While speaking during an interview, renowned artist and storyteller, Tod McFarlane from Image Comics just confirmed three things. Read More

by NAICCON on Jun 28, 2018


Ben Affleck Out After Next Film

Not everyone took that news well. Some believed that the role could have been passed on to Christian Bale after his stellar performance in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Read More

by NAICCON on Jun 27, 2018


“Made in Africa for Kids”

FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL, the first “Made in Africa for Kids” animation short film festival, is touring Africa in 2018 starting at DISCOP Abidjan, and come through to #NAICCON2018 at the #ASYLUM Read More

by NAICCON on May 30, 2018



No, this isn't an "Avengers" movie as the studio would have you believe...this is simply a clever tactic by Marvel Studios to have you believe that what you have seen this far in the trailers and now on the posters and merchandise is all their is. Read More

by NAICCON on May 1, 2018