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Game of Thrones ‘the long night’

Loyal fans to the hit series Game of thrones are currently experiencing a taste of the long wait book fans have been experiencing for years. Luckily for them, HBO is set to show more than just one spin off series after the end of Game of thrones this coming year. Read More

by NAICCON on Nov 26, 2018



The just concluded Globe awards 2018 edition of the Africa Film Festival (AFRIFF) held in Lagos Nigeria, provided a progressive take on the growing film industry in the continent as the culture, fashion and creativity of film makers and artists in Africa took center stage. Read More

by NAICCON on Nov 21, 2018


Dysney's Streaming Service

With the success of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, every player in Hollywood is looking to join in the fun. Read More

by NAICCON on Nov 12, 2018


DCEU finds its Black Mask

The film is directed by Cathy Yan, the second female director in the DCEU films perfect for a female led team. Read More

by NAICCON on Nov 5, 2018


Warner bros developing attack on titan movie

In a world where adapting amine to the big screen still hasn’t been perfected, the next guy to take his chance according to Hollywood reporter and Variety is IT director Andy Muschietti. Read More

by NAICCON on Oct 31, 2018