A Tide is coming

Coming in as the sixth installment to DC’S cinematic universe and their third origin story, fans and audiences alike are looking to it to salvage a universe drowning in bad publicity and unfair comparisons to the high surfing marvel universe. With Aquaman the next movie after Justice League, a movie that was badly received with an underwhelming commercial return, it has the overwhelming burden of being a watchtower to a boat seemingly lost as sea. Does it deliver? Let’s dive in.

The story is a classic monarchial setting with a Game of Thrones feel to it. King Orm, current king of Atlantis wants to unite the seas and wage a war against the surface world. He is however challenged by his half-brother, Arthur Curry who being from both worlds, doesn’t want that war to occur. The story is set immediately after the events in justice league where Arthur battles the army of Steppenwolf and is returning home to his father. The fight between brothers has great resemblance to Black Panther but in this case, we follow the story of the half-brother in exile. There aren’t any real surprises to the story though the presentation is refreshing.

The cast couldn’t be perfect. Jason Momoa owns the roll of Aquaman completely. You could see he had as much fun playing the king of Atlantis as much as any fan would. Patrick Wilson was magnetic as Orm, making you understand the intentions of the villain and wishing he succeeds as much as he fails. Amber Heard as Mera, Williem Defoe as Vulko and Nicole Kidman as Atlanna all put strong performance to their characters to add needed depth to the story and supplement Momoa’s charms.

James wan, the director, is known mostly for his work in the horror side. That aside, he added just as much to the DC universe as he did in the fast and furious franchise, with well-choreographed scenes and an eye-catching appeal to every scene. The CGI and vfx was much needed for a film mostly set under water but it succeeded in adding to the appeal of the movie than acting as a distraction. Wan also gets his moments with some breathtaking horror-like scenes. The set designs and costumes are also impressively on point.

The movie Aquaman is a world builder. We are introduced to the Atlantian technology, the architecture, the history and the politics all in a single viewing. The movie has been called ‘star wars under the sea’ offering more than enough eye candy to match the colors of Avatar, the scenery of blade runner, adventures of Indiana jones and battle fights of the Lord of the Rings and if that’s not impressive enough, there are people riding seahorses and octopuses playing drums. The movie embraces all the craziness it offers with humor and charm and no apologies.

On the downside, the movie is victim to pacing and dialogue hitches. Though a fan favorite, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II does a good job as Black Manta, even though the character could have been saved for a sequel without hurting the story. The second act also has scenes that could have been done away with or shortened at least. Some dialogue, especially Orm were too predictive and cringe worthy and some humor just didn’t land as intended. The romance between Mera and Arthur was to an extent forced without adequate depth to move from the love-hate feelings to fully pledged devotion on Mera’s part.

Aquaman is a fun, adventurous movie that will put a smile on your face and a desire in your heart to take a trip anyway but your room. Anyone can watch it, anytime and with anyone and you won’t be sorry. Make sure you go see it at the largest screen you can think of and there is a mid-end credit scene so don’t be too fast to get out.



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By NAICCON on Dec 14, 2018

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