Part of the journey is the end, the endgame. Marvel has been transformed the cinema as we know it for the last decade. From the first iron man film that was just another superhero try to the biggest and most ambitious franchise ever created. Hollywood and the world now don't look at comic book movies as a joke, or intended for a particular audience, they see movies that can have artistic and sentimental value and we have marvel to thank for that.

Avengers endgame is the 23rd movie of the MCU. It's at the culmination of the third phase of the universe (though far from home is the full stop) and the end of the infinity Saga, so it has much to live up to, like a climax to a decade worth of movies than an actual movie. So does it deliver?

I’m personally a big fan and player of chess, and marvel choosing the title of their movie as endgame sold me completely. Endgame to a chess player is the last of three sequence of moves of a chess game. It mostly occur with not necessarily the strongest pieces, but anything a player left on their side of the board to attack the king on the other side. It’s a beautiful part of the game, where two weak pawns can take down a king if the king doesn’t plan six or seven moves ahead. I digress.

After the events of infinity war, the first avengers remain and together with a few inclusions have to try to find a way to live with the ramifications of the snap. And we get a call back to ironman’s speech in the first Avengers movie “Because if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we'll avenge it.” That is basically the movie, a group of avengers who couldn’t win and now trying to avenge their loss with the odds still as bad, if not worse. You actually get to grieve with the characters, get angry with them and feel broken with them, unlike the MCU has ever done to this extent.

The movie is 181 minutes for a reason. Anyone in denial so far about the marvel formula is just that, in denial. The winning formula of highly specific mix of action and fast-paced snippy humor has been the foundation of the universe and one that has made its competitors not quite match up. But endgame is not that. Endgame is a big present from Disney and marvel to its cult following. I include the word cult because to fully appreciate this movie would require you to have grown with the characters in the last couple of years. If you haven’t been in the ‘cult’, the story will feel as juggled up as Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets or the new Hellboy.

And Endgame’s filmmakers pack their story with payoffs for the longest-term fans, reminding them how well they know these characters’ existing emotional arcs and deep-seated insecurities, and drawing those ideas out at length. Every moment of Endgame feels like it was made to reverse any psychological trauma brought by infinity war-- to convey the audience past the shock and into grief, anger, hope, and tremendous excitement. The entire film is constructed of callbacks, references, reminders, and reminiscences. Either through the action, the dialogue and sometimes through tiny, abrupt moments. It’s basically a video photo album to a universe you have accepted in your heart, and that should thrill you going into this movie.

The cast of this movie is well known, endgame is more of a sequel to everything marvel has ever done so there are no new surprise. The big guns, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth deliver the performance that made them the face of the universe for the past decade. The supporting cast is everyone, and not everyone can have as fulfilling arcs as the pioneers, everyone gets their moments.

Antony and Joe Russo were the best people to direct this movie. They have been in the MCU since winter soldier, one of the best MCU movie then gave as another big movie in Civil war and what they did in infinity war was tremendously amazing. Endgame could not have worked with a MCU first time director, the pay offs and the call backs could only have been pulled off my people already part of the universe, and no other people fit except for the Russo brothers and Feige, if he decides to take the director’s chair someday. The effects, make up and the set design are as good as you would expect from a marvel studio that has existed for the past decade and know their stuff and know what you want in a marvel movie.

As I conclude, I will say there is a small group of audience who might not like the movie. It’s darker and somber than what you have come to expect, and as I said earlier, if you haven’t been on the marvel bandwagon for the past decade, the movie might be too everywhere for your liking. And that is no fault to the movie. Like every present, you take it as it is and be grateful. This is the ultimate marvel present to its fans, us.

PS, no credit scenes. Finally. You can rush out and empty your bowels as the credit rolls.

Have a yourself a nice watch.


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By NAICCON on Apr 26, 2019

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