Dc's latest project is upon us. Birds of prey joins a list of consequent DC movies that are garnering critical success such as joker, shazam and Aquaman. With joker dominating on award season, his partner in crime is expanding the growing world of DCEU.
So does the birds of prey and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn have sharp enough claws?

The movie is set after events of suicide squad following a newly single Harley Quinn coping from a 'mutual' break up with the clown prince. The movie builds on the groundwork from suicide squad with specific call-backs and Easter eggs but ideally sets itself up as its own, and just like the title, its mostly about Harley with a cream top of the birds of prey which strangely works without overwhelming the audience with too much Gotham lore.

As much as the movie belongs to Harley, Harley belongs to Margot Robbie. She is completely infused into the character and its evident she enjoys playing the role. Her acting is top notch and her charisma is magnetic. The rest of the cast were exceptional in their own right especially Jurnee Smollett-Bell’s black canary stealing the thunder whenever she can and Ewan McGregor bringing a paranoid and psychotic black mask to life.

Having a female direct a first female team up comic book movie might seem like an attempt at forced inclusivity but it couldn't be far from the truth. Cathy breathed a very unique kind of flair into the film that was the difference in helping the movie avoid being boring. She goes as far as lighting the streets only visible for one frame that creates vibrance no DC movie has managed up to date. Moreover, the fight scenes are gore and feature slick action scenes which completed with very acrobatic-like choreography makes the movie lively, almost like watching a Tarantino movie.

There isn’t much effects expected in comic book movies. The weapons are conventional and the fighting grounded. It does have splash comic drawn art plastered as exposition that follows the suicide squad trend though less introductory and more comic relief. The set designs were extremely colourful with Harleys primary colours oozing from every corridor almost like we are seeing Gotham through her eyes, and the costumes worn by Harley are plenty enough for cosplayers delight. The soundtrack is also to die for.

Finally, the writing. They went for a fourth wall breaking narrator commonly used by Deadpool that if used properly is comedy at its best. it does succeed at some points for this movie but for the other parts slows the story down and creates pacing issues. The dialogue and scenes however are far much better penned by bumblebee writer, Christina Hudson who will probably receive the confidence from DC to actually bring batgirl to the big screens.

Its not a perfect movie. Aside from the slow pace, not fully developed birds of prey team and Batman comic books fans unhappy about the character of Cassandra cain, it does serve its purpose as an enjoyable fun popcorn movie. It has a hyena named Bruce, what more can you ask for?

Ps. Stick around to the end. Harley has a surprise for you.



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By NAICCON on Feb 11, 2020