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From creator Peter Chizoba Daniel comes a thrilling tale befitting any if not all praise the book receives.

Set before technological times or (as the writer describes it) a time before heroes emerge, we are drawn into a world full of magic, slavery, community raids and political mayhem. The story tells a tale about Pan-Africanism before the making of borders where communities interacted by either trade or war but could ultimately come together to ward off foes together. The writer is not bound by boundaries as he stretches the history and culture of communities in the continent from cape to cape, ocean to ocean.

The Newborn saga is an epic fantasy series set in ancient Africa. Long ago a great ancient EVIL sort to engulf Creation. The celestial council came together and created a solution to this uprising. They created the NEWBORN spirits. Pure in heart and noble in the cause of regaining balance in the realms of existence. They vanquished the evil threat and banished it to eternal darkness. Millenniums have passed and a curse EONS old is set in motion to unleash terror once more. The tribes must unite to vanquish this great Evil.

The art from the book is quite reverting to fully engulf you in the happenings panel by panel while the writer does a good job to keep the dialogue and story catchy with enough suspense and drama to keep you turning the pages. characters such as Al Mahad the mercenary, Mbuze the unbreakable, Yejidaa, Chayoma the priestess, Kromor the fisher man and his royal highness king Zama the 1st all with different motivations and background brought together by the need to rise above their selfish ambitions and protect their people.

For me, this was an exciting read. The book is available on amazon or you could download from their official website and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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By NAICCON on Nov 21, 2018

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