The art of comic book narration and the secret to the MCU's success.

By Brian Samuel Opati

For a while now Marvel and DC fans have had quite the discussion and debates in regards to their companies' live action releases. DC will root for DC and Marvel for their...and both with will go at it for what seems like an eternity, even in the face of genuine criticisms. Today, we'll take a quick look at the MCU and see what makes them shine and rise above the competition.

What makes the MCU tick and keep their momentum going? Is it the actors/scripts/effects/plot or movie titles? And what's surprising about this particular aspects of the MCU's movies is that that's all that the competition picks on and debates. But here's why the superhero genre is going strong and their momentum isn't slowing down...

Marvel. From their conception, the formerly known 'Atlas Comics' sought to have a name that would have a sensational feel. The name was to inspire curiosity, wonder and innovation while unremarkably relatable. And this is something that potential comic book companies have learnt from and taken to heart, because, simply put, relatability is a powerful tool. And for every comic book fan, it's probably why you see yourself in certain comic book character's like Peter Parker's problems to Iron Man's genius or even Captain Marvel's strength. And the MCU has and still is, working at perfecting this in their cinematic universe.

Change. Simple as that. Small changes and big as ones have a very funny effect on, because it's unfamiliar territory or two because it's nothing we know and can brag about to the next guy/girl (oops!). And if you've read comic books, watched trailers and read YouTube's comment section then you know that comic book debates and theories never end. And the thing about the MCU is that they stuck to Marvel's "wow-factor formula" (see what I did there?) And they're still doing their best to perfect it with characters that not even the most hard core fans new about but greet someone with "Wakanda Forever" and you'll get the same greeting returned with hands crossed across one's chest or "I am Groot" and they'll know exactly how to greet you back. And yes, that "C" stands for cultural sensation.

Unexplored. It was great writing my last piece because of this factor and Marvel's Avenger's: Infinity War was the latest greatest example. Every trailer reaction, breakdown and discussion largely fell short of all their predicted outcomes of the movie. Why, though? Because for the first time in all the MCU's history, the movie was not a 'typical' Avenger's movie... because not only was the movie NOT about the titular characters, it was Thanos' movie (and the directors are on record for saying just that). So, every theory as to how the story would play out failed miserably while still delivering on quality. And in crafting that story for 10 years, they new how to cash in on their closing chapter: make it unique, yet very familiar. 

As always love those comics and go out to discover the wonder that is comics.

Part 2 comes out soon!



By NAICCON on May 12, 2018

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