By Kelvin Kariuki

DC finally released its highly anticipated first issue of heroes in crisis and the book filled its pages with just as much shock as excitement.

Tom King’s new book is a story about trauma that the heroes go through in their line of work. A place called sanctuary has been created with Kryptonian robots programmed with the honor of Superman, compassion of Wonderwoman and will of Batman acting as the psychiatrist to any hero in need.

Hints of this book have been subtly dropped on rebirth series for months. Booster gold had a bad time In the future when he tries to get batman the perfect wedding gift in the Batman comic, Wally West realized that though he saved himself from the speed force, his family is still trapped there and he can’t save them during the flash war, Roy Harper is a mirror to what he was back when he was Green Arrow’s partner, now dealing with alcohol addiction that separates him from his mentor and Titan friends. These are just but a few of the heroes who are battling something entering this series.

The book opens up with booster gold in a restaurant looking as gloom as ever. Shortly after he is joined by Harley and after a few words they start a fight that goes to the sky and back. Meanwhile, superman is heading to sanctuary where he finds several bodies outside the simple house structure. He enters the room to find the bodies of Wally and Roy dead on the floor and the sanctuary robots destroyed. Batman and Wonderwoman join him as they try to find who would do such a thing to the broken heroes with the only clue being a message by blood "The Puddlers Are All Dead". Back in the fight, Harley and booster reveal they escaped from sanctuary themselves and claim the other is responsible for the massacre.

The book has created a big divide in the fandom and it’s clearly seen why... Deaths! A number of heroes who have been killed off are not very popular such as Hot Spot, Blue Jay, Lagoon Boy, and Citizen Steel but killing off popular characters such as Wally just when he has been brought back, Roy and possibly more has not been taken lightly. The only locus point by everyone is the art by Clay Mann is incredible.

Tom king, the Eisner winner for best writer has a lot to do to cool down the backlash for the book moving forward and hopefully bring back these characters, not just to life but to ideally fulfil what sanctuary was intended to achieve.

That in mind, it’s a wonderful book with good writing and awesome art and color work. Any reader open minded enough will find joy in the book and look forward to answers in later books.

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By NAICCON on Oct 3, 2018

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