The Day Has Come

By Brian Samuel Opati,

Hey y'all!!

It's been a minute trying to get a hang of things in my new context but I am so happy to just get right back into this. So, for all of you waking up to this today, this is the kind of news that's bound to make your day, inspite of whatever it is that you're going through.
Guess what my people! It is finally done... Disney has acquired Fox's entertainment department. And just in case you were unaware, it just took place yesterday and every fan around the world who understands what this means is freaking out about it. And I do not want to leave y'all good people out.

Part of the excitement is coming from the fact that Marvel has acquired much of it's "world" back. And all of this backdrop is key to telling better MCU stories going forward as the MCU has been accused of having a shallow world-building due to a lack of possession of their key characters. But now, with the Fox acquisition, there's something to be grateful about.
But with mixed reactions out there currently, some of you will love that characters like the X-Men, the FF and Deadpool will now be in the MCU that it may not be the same. Let's take this with some optism because just when we thought things couldn't get bigger after we have Galactus.
Things are about to get real.
Until next time fam,
Peace! ☮️
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By NAICCON on Jun 21, 2018

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