DC is back, this time with a thrilling psychological thriller centered on its most iconic, if not the most iconical comic book villain, the joker.

Rumored to be the start of a new frontier of DC movie outside continuity and focusing on specific stories all dependent on directorial vision called DC Black, joker is already poised to make new ground in the comic book movie industry, so how was it?

Joker is a chilling story penned by the director Todd Phillips and Scott silver telling the story of a struggling comic Arthur Fleck who is battling with his loneliness from a world all too foreign to him and battling with a mental disorder that makes him weird. This is familiar storytelling to Martin Scorsese's taxi driver and the comedy king as Arthur slowly drenches himself deeper into his darker thoughts while struggling in his failing stand-up comedy dream.

The biggest up from the movie is Joaquin Phoenix performance as the clown prince. He went deep into method acting to prepare for this role, learning directly from people with the laughing disorder and losing more than 10 kg to look as deranged as needs to be. His acting is simply Oscar worthy, which makes the movie so much compelling as almost every frame is a close up shot of the man. Joining him is zezie Beetz as a neighbor and love interest to Arthur and Robert De Niro, who's cast cements taxi driver and king of comedy as the major inspiration for the film considering he stared in both.

Director Todd Phillips went further out of the norm in making comic book movies with joker. Choosing a retro 80s New York as a filthy Gotham filled with garbage and hostile people exhausted by the bad state of elitism. He shyed away from CGI and making the physical altercation as gruesome as possible. This grounded the film to a state where it felt top real, which is a plus for the enjoyment but scary for the consequences.

The thumbs down of the film is not for everyone. A person can come out fascinated and another bored. In the spirit of highly cinematic comic book movies especially from marvel, joker is a bore. It all depends on your tastes.

That in mind, go watch the movie, don't carry your kids, obviously and hopefully enjoy this new wave of DC at its darkest.

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By NAICCON on Oct 29, 2019

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