The book incorporates both the traditional aspects of the African culture but also the afrofuturist aspect, in a world where Africans not only exist but also control their destinies. With innovative ideas such as boats as jets, the comic seeks to rejuvenate the industry with more African ideas to substitute the saturated western ones.

The friends saw the need to tell African stories by Africans since these stories are essentially cultivated for the betterment of Africans, and in more ways than one, structure the way Africans live. The collection shows the unity and togetherness in Africa while at the same time defining and celebrating the diversity that each community has from the other.

The team crowd funded 25000 euros with donations from all over the world to print the collection and now it’s ready for consumption by the people.


facebook: Kelvin Kyle
twitter: karvohkyle
instagram: karvoh.kyle


By NAICCON on Apr 16, 2019

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