Lusala Movie Review

The latest movie from our growing film industry” Riverwood” is upon us, and its name is Lusala.

The Kenyan movie scene is relatively smaller compared to the giant that is Nollywood in the African space. However, it has adapted to the situation by releasing quality over quantity over the recent years with amazing films such as Nairobi half-life, rafiki and supa modo. So how much quality does this latest movie have?

The answer is a lot. The touching story revolves around a boy who is rescued from an abusive home and grows up with a family around him who try their best to provide for him. When he grows up and finally leaves the nest to start a life for himself, the demons of his former life finally pin him down and he has to fight them alone.

At the heart of the movie is really what is at the heart of the nation currently popping up in news headlines almost daily, the subject of mental health. Moreover, men’s mental health. The movie doesn’t float around the dark theme of the subject, but sinks in to explore the vulnerability and consequence of the matter. It doesn’t offer answers which makes the movie even more impactful, but it makes the issue real, real enough to look at society from a different angle, which is what art is really existing for.

Much praise really docks at the amazing cast of the film. Brian Ogola steps on to the lead with charisma and heartfelt delivery that carries the audience frame by frame. The supporting cast are also amazing especially the breakout star from supa modo, Stacie Waweru.

Mugambi Nthiga makes his directorial debut with this one and he did an amazing job. Having worked as a writer in big Kenyan films such as kati kati and Supa Modo, he moves to directing with the same flair and good story telling. The writing is good with just enough humor and drama to sustain your watch. The dialogue is well written and the actors really embodied the characters fully.

The only downside the film offered was the pacing. It is a one-hour film, which compresses the story and doesn’t tie up all the loose ends.

Lusala is an exceptional film made by exceptional people. It has the right doses of twists, comedy and performance to really hold your attention while important issues are addressed and will leave you a better person after the movie. Make sure it doesn’t pass you by catching it in cinema while it’s still there.

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By NAICCON on Jun 27, 2019

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