Rise of Skywalker review

The saga is coming to a close, at least for now. Rise of Skywalker is the final movie in a trilogy of trilogies that have made up the Star Wars franchise as we know it. The trilogy coming after Disney acquisition of Lucas films, promised to be focused on a new generation of watchers while still keeping the spirit of the previous movies… So does it?

This Star Wars will have a divided film liking, not because it fails in what it delivers but more so in who it delivers to. The latest trilogy in itself can be seen as redundant to those who enjoyed the first three films as a perfect conclusion to this galactic war. Some would be right to say that the final film is almost formulaic and predictable in its plot that would put them off. Others will enjoy the film because its set in a galaxy far far away and will enjoy whatever comes their way. Everyone has a right to an opinion.

The movie introduced few new characters but brings back alot of familiar faces and voices. Daisy Ridley and John Boyega return, this time together in their adventure and the chemistry between the two is warming. On the other side of the force is Adam Driver returning as the villain Kylo Ren. The late Carrie Fisher is the heart of the movie, with her scenes leading the story to finish the trilogy that focused on Han solo and Luke and now her.

JJ Abrams returns on the director’s chair and with much control over the characters. Having directed the first movie in the trilogy and setting the motion the story, he returns to rest the story and tie up loose ends. The problem is, he seemed to continue the story from his own movie, leaving the last jedi to be more of a non-canon filler. It would seem they didn't have a plan and though he does land the ship quite stably, it is not a good look on Disney to risk the franchise this blind-sighted.

Star Wars has been known for its world building and wonderful set design and rise of Skywalker did not disappoint. The effects and designs looked top knotch bringing back beloved ships from throughout the franchise history. The fight scenes were also better choreographed than in the previous movies. The biggest plus is even without the late Carrie fisher, you are never distracted by that knowledge as if her spirit lives on in the film.

Rise of Skywalker is a good film. It has its flaws, especially the predictability which is a product of them trying their best to pay homage to their past success. Lovers of the last jedi, another controversial star wars film can also feel betrayed by the way the story leaped frog it. However, taking feelings and attachments out of this film and a good film lies underneath.

Lovers of starwars and syfy should check it out. It has heart, almost fanservice to more than one generation of followers who have been there all along, through the good and the not so great.

Ps. Check out mandalorian. It's nice.

May the force be with you.


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By NAICCON on Dec 26, 2019

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