Far from Wrong

The 23th and final movie of the infinity saga is a Spiderman film and he is far from home.

These two decades have been quite a fun adventure for Spiderman fans. From rami’s trilogy that delivered my personal best Spiderman movie in Spiderman 2(now 15 years old), to the more advance amazing Spiderman duology, a critically acclaimed ps4 video game and an Oscar winning animation movie in into the spiderverse. It has been fun. Additionally, Spiderman somehow found a way to jump into the marvel cinematic universe even when his rights were held by Sony and they have featured him in three movies and his own 2 solo movies. So how is the newest one from the MCU Spiderman?

The movie kicks of right where avenger’s endgame left off, with peter mourning the death of his mentor tony stark. The world has a big whole to film and he doesn’t know how to fill them. Luckily for him, his school is planning a vacation to travel to Europe and he definitely need the trip to lay off his responsibilities and spend time with the girl he likes. However, evil doesn’t sleep and Nick Fury hijacks his vacation and he has to help save the world together with the new guy, mysterio.

Tom Holland was born to play Spiderman. He brings depth and charisma to the character of peter parker and it’s quite evident he enjoys playing the web slinger. The emotional charge from watching Tom Holland gives you a sense you might never get tired of watching his rendition time after time. The supporting cast is also fantastic with the breakout star being Jake Gylennhaal and the chemistry they have with Holland is quite infectious.

The story is by far the better element of the film. The writing made a romcom and an action comedy disguised as a superhero flick and it actually worked. It’s funny and realistic, big and grounded, emotional and comedic at the same time which is a plus. The CGI and effect is also much better and felt more grandeur than the first film with a particular dreamlike sequence that made me really really impressed.

On the downside, the first act was a little slow but expected. The final act had a bit of surprises but didn’t surprise as expected and the narrative didn’t fully explain the holes the story created.

Anyway. This is a fantastic film to watch, the acting, story, effects and directing is topnotch and you will be laughing all the way. It might be your favorite Spiderman movie to date but it certainly will be the last MCU movie in a while so go and see it while you can.

PS. There are not one, but 2 credit scene, both with a surprise of its own, so, you know the drill, stick around for the credits


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By NAICCON on Jul 8, 2019

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