It has been quit a century for Spiderman, and we are only a fifth of the way. Sony found a way of tapping into the popularity of the Web slinger to dig its claws into a pot full of gold. First came the modest Maguire-led trilogy that had a decent origin story, followed by a fan favorite sequel and ended with a subpar third movie to cap off Sam Raimi opportunity at the hero. Second came the Andrew Garfield two movies that though had a bigger budget and a more modernized feel, just couldn't stick a landing to the hearts of fans. Then marvel took matters to their own hands agreeing with Sony to bring the slinger to its cinematic universe, and the Tom Holland reboot has been quite the success. Sony however haven’t set up the character far from home (pun intended), with a recent venomverse on the rise, it went the animation route introducing a new kind of Spiderman movie. Spider-man into the spider verse. Let's have a swing at it.

The story is the brain child of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. If you've never heard of them, their works include 21 Jump Street and the Lego movie. A similar trait among their works is they have a tendency to avoid the seriousness of their movies while mocking the thematic setting of the movie in a fun way. The Lego movie was a mockery of superhero franchises and jump street movies took jabs at their own irrelevancy. This might be even why they got kicked out of the Star Wars movie Solo. Luckily for them and us, it works perfectly for Spiderman.

The story is complicated to the right extent but pauses here and there to add scenes of heart felt sentiments. The writers know the audience have the overall set up of a Spiderman origin so little time is wasted dwelling on it. Focus shifts to Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), a black kid, who is forced into a new school and him trying to find a suitable mentor between his rigid police father, his cool uncle and Peter Parker.

Miles isn’t the only 'Spiderman' joining us on the ride. The movie introduces old and new faces to the Spiderman movie scene including Peni (voiced by Kimiko Glenn) and his spider robot, Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld), Spider-Ham (John Mulaney), Peter Parker (Chris pine), Peter B. Parker (Jake Johnson) and Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage). They all get their separate introduction comic book style and have their moments to dazzle and add to the humor of the film. You'd expect there would be some restrain from too much spider people in a world already saturated with spider-men but the movie finds a good balance while still managing to fully develop Miles.

As for the villainy, we get to be introduced to familiar faces like Doc Ock, Scorpion and Green Goblin. The big bad is King Pin, who is completely unlike other villain because his motivations come from a very personal and honest yet brutal place. Fans of him from the Daredevil series might have an idea of what I mean. That in mind, with more than five heroes to follow, the light rarely falls on these villains as the movie doesn’t give the viewer a sense of impending doom like a normal superhero movie. Rather, ensuring the heroes lands on both feet is what drives the plot of the movie.

The animation for the film also takes Centre stage. It’s a comic book come alive. With spilt panels, complete with vibrant colors, a few KAPOWS, and some actual thought bubbles sprinkled in for dramatic effect. The explosions, facial expressions and dramatics all come alive right in front of your eyes. With a lot of animation emulating the Pixar style, spider-man will be a refreshing look for anyone seeing the film.

Spider-man into the spiderverse is an emotional, genuine and fun movie that the whole family could enjoy this festive season. The only downside is the animation could take a few minutes to adjust to, but other than that, it’s worth every cent. The first cameo from Stan lee after he passed on will move you and a mid-credit message for both deceased makers of the Spiderman character, Stan lee and Steve Ditko will make the room a little dusty. There is also an end credit scene so stay till the Sony logo pops up.


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By NAICCON on Dec 16, 2018

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