By Kelvin Kariuki

Kenya choose Supa Modo as its flag bearer to the 2019 Oscar awards over the controversial film Rafiki. Having watched both films, it’s amazing that the Kenyan film industry is at a point where more than one film is considered Oscar worthy. Now that the Oscar nominations are close at hand, why should our film bag it?

Supa Modo might be a film for some people, but it’s a documentary for most especially nerds. What do you do when things get tough? When life seems blinker than ever? For most people, there is an escape they can rely on to wash away the hardship even if it’s just for the moment. This is essentially what the film is about. Celebrating the goodness in this life even in the hardest of time.

We meet Jo, an easy to love child who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Her sister, knowing how much she loves superheroes and the fantasy world, decides to start a bluff to make her feel better. From simple tasks like opening a lid to stopping muggers, she creates an illusion in Jo’s mind she has superpowers. Soon the whole community chips in to help her.

The story is a simple story that feels grounded enough that you don’t want any outside complications. It keeps you glued to the screen and intrigued on what is happening currently at the frame. You have been promised a tragedy from the beginning but halfway through the film, you are forced to forget about it or hope for a change in direction. The cast has amazing chemistry especially the child characters that will surprise you completely. Every emotion the film intends to depict, the cast delivers with ease and intention.

The movie is an emotional rollercoaster that will make you laugh your hearts out, shocked, get excited like a new wed and cry like a baby. You leave the cinema with a full heart and looking forward to what may come next from the amazing cast and crew. Isn’t that what you expect in a good film?

I may be a little, just a little, biased in wanting my countries film to secure a nomination or an eventual win at the Oscars but that doesn’t take anything away from it as a really impressive film. The director, Likarion Wainaina said there is plans underway to bring the film to Netflix and hopefully, a nomination will make the plans come about even faster for everyone to watch. Before then, make sure you go check out the film at prestige this week.

Till next time, pray and keep your fingers crossed with me for the February awards.

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By NAICCON on Oct 8, 2018

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