For those who don’t know, Sony has rights to more than 900 marvel characters. Even though they have a contract with Disney for Spiderman to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they also plan to create a universe of their own and all that begins with Venom. Planned as the first movie to a trilogy, there is a lot of expectation resting on this movie’s shoulder. Now that the movie has been released, let’s have a bite at it.

THE GOOD: The story is an interesting take on a character who heavily relies on the hero, Spiderman. Rather than going into what is right and wrong as the premise of the movie like other superhero flicks, it is more like a buddy cop movie with a bad cop and a good one trying to work things out. Interactions between Eddie brook, the human, and Venom will give you plenty of genuine laughs. You could see the struggle in Eddie to control the symbiote while at the same time see the power Venom has over Eddie but eventually they come to a stable balance at the end.

The director Ruben Fleischer, who directed Zombieland took enough from that film to bring a balance in horror and comedy into venom which works perfectly for the character. Tom hardy is an amazing actor and you can see it as he juggles the role of both Eddie brook and Venom. The supporting characters are also captivating enough and know how to bring out a horror feel in a PG 13 film.

The visual of the film are also a plus compared to Spiderman 3 Venom. Venom is portrayed with a sheen rubbery inky texture which makes him look more organic and less like make up or costume. The film has enough violence and explosions you’ve come to expect from superhero films but added cannibalism and horror that only Venom can spawn. However, it is rated PG 13, so don’t go in expecting bloodbaths.

THE UGLY: The movie flounders in ways you just can’t ignore. The tone of the movie is very inconsistence and at some point feels like different movies mashed into one. The humor at times feel silly and unnecessary especially when Eddie and Venom are getting used to each other. The fight scenes with the symbiotes is like two separate inks slashing onto one another and make you feel unattached to what is happening, like what happens when transformers fight. What Venom can and cannot do is also not well elaborated in the film and leaves the audience with assumptions.

Structurally, the script of the movie feels rushed and pieces missing. There are unnecessary parts which are shown that could have been told. The first act of the movie drags to what feels like halfway through even though it might not be. There are other parts which are told, that would have felt better being shown. You are left with questioned not fully answered by the end.

Overall, it is a fun popcorn movie that anyone can watch. Don’t really believe the hate until you get to see it yourself. You won’t see the bad things unless you are looking for them, which was unfortunate for me. Furthermore, the positives are way more than the negatives.

As for the larger Sony cinematic universe, the end has two post credit scene that comic book fans will undoubtedly know where they are going next, so stay until the lights are switched on. With enough time to develop the next movies, there is much to look forward to from the next two movies in the trilogy and the broader Sony marvel universe.

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By NAICCON on Oct 10, 2018

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