Does x give it to you?

The twelfth and final Xmen film under the fox banner is upon us. Fox has had control over the mutants for a whole nineteen years and cannot be faulted for trying their best to use them. The Xmen pretty much opened the doors and eyes that ultimately gave the MCU the idea for a universe so one way or another, the Xmen really did save the world.

In a span of those 12 films, the fox universe has seen its share of up and downs. It has reached its high with movies like x2, deadpool and Logan and lows with movies like last stand and wolverine origins, all subjective of course. So how does the last movie wrap up the universe?

The story is an adaptation of the phoenix saga, a highly acclaimed and fan favorite comic book story. The story was also adapted a decade earlier in last stand but poorly, turning the story into a romantic subplot between Wolverine and Jean. The then cowriter wasn’t satisfied and had another go at the story this time taking the director’s chair and a solo screenwriting credit leaning closer to the comic with an all new cast this time.

The cast is the same as the one in Xmen apocalypse. The star of the show is Sophie Turner, the phoenix. She is known from her character in the just concluded game of thrones and her acting is just as good but not as fleshed out. James McAvoy does his best performance of professor with this time having to deal with a moral dilemma instead of the usual unfaltering rectitude. Michael Fassbender is as good as any other day and the rest of the cast plays second fiddle to the stars. As for Jennifer Lawrence, she is someone really excited to end the contract and it’s obvious.

Simon Kinberg makes his directorial debut, and it’s also very evident. The vfx is good as you would expect from the high budget superhero movie but doesn’t offer any wow factor. The movie is much paced and would probably have been aided by a bigger screen time. There were massive reshoots to the movie which altered the entire third act, and the changes cannot go totally unnoticed.

The film plays around best and the worst of the Xmen franchise. On the downside, the writing isn’t perfect. Some action scenes and use of power do not make any sense at all, the dialogue felt flat and characters were bickers for a large part. Only a few characters finished off at a better place than at the end of apocalypse, which shouldn’t be the case in a movie ending the franchise. The villain was badly done, mostly due to the reshoot and the fact that the character was a completely new inclusion to the saga.

On the good side, they tried. There is no big twist, no surprises and definitely no groundbreaking feat but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the watch. A franchise is ending that you have watched more than one film from it so it wouldn’t be completely a waste of time to finish it.

Now the ball is back to marvel studio to do better with the exiled characters.

PS. There is no credit scenes so you can fly away as soon as the movie ends.

Till next time, EXCELSIOR!

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By NAICCON on Jun 10, 2019

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