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Does x give it to you?

In a span of those 12 films, the fox universe has seen its share of up and downs. It has reached its high with movies like x2, deadpool and Logan and lows with movies like last stand and wolverine origins, all subjective of course. So how does the last movie wrap up the universe? Read More

by NAICCON on Jun 10, 2019

Comic Books

Little Little Orisha

A young Kiyindou Yamakasi started drawing and writing comics since he was a small boy living in Brazzaville, Congo sharing with his classmates and acting out the scenes. Read More

by NAICCON on Jun 6, 2019


King or monster?

In 2014 we got a modern Godzilla movie helmed by Gareth Edwards that didn’t quite deliver as expected. People went to see a film of monsters and chaos but the movie only showed bits of that for less than a quarter of an hour and was engulfed in darkness nearly the whole epic battle. The sequel was green lighted with the director set to return, but changes were made which halted the movie on post-production for nearly 2 years. This of course is always a cause of concern for any movie but the drop of the first trailer, and the prequel movie, Kong: Skull Island restored some hope for the movie. So is it the king of monster movies? Read More

by NAICCON on Jun 3, 2019


Poke a man intrigued

Hollywood has had a bad history for video game adaptations and even a worse history for Japanese franchise adaptation but it should be a surprise that the mixture of the two is the one to click perfectly. The movie is an extension of the Pokémon lore that has video games, an animation movie, comics, manga and basically every type of nerd bibliography but the story is more an adaptation of a video game by the same name. So how was the movie? Read More

by NAICCON on May 10, 2019



Avengers endgame is the 23rd movie of the MCU. It's at the culmination of the third phase of the universe (though far from home is the full stop) and the end of the infinity Saga, so it has much to live up to, like a climax to a decade worth of movies than an actual movie. So does it deliver? Read More

by NAICCON on Apr 26, 2019