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Rise of Skywalker review

The saga is coming to a close, at least for now. Rise of Skywalker is the final movie in a trilogy of trilogies that have made up the Star Wars franchise as we know it. The trilogy coming after Disney acquisition of Lucas films, promised to be focused on a new generation of watchers while still keeping the spirit of the previous movies… So does it? Read More

by NAICCON on Dec 26, 2019



For its 60th anniversary, Annecy has put the limelight on the continent by focusing on its content in its upcoming festival. Read More

by NAICCON on Dec 11, 2019



Naiccon has been around for a while now growing each subsequent year, and 2019 marked its 2day 5th year in the comic convention business hosting businesses, creatives and fans in its annually ritual of celebrating everything nerd. This year was no exception. Read More

by NAICCON on Oct 31, 2019



Rumored to be the start of a new frontier of DC movie outside continuity and focusing on specific stories all dependent on directorial vision called DC Black, joker is already poised to make new ground in the comic book movie industry, so how was it? Read More

by NAICCON on Oct 29, 2019


Far from Wrong

These two decades have been quite a fun adventure for Spiderman fans. From rami’s trilogy that delivered my personal best Spiderman movie in Spiderman 2(now 15 years old), to the more advance amazing Spiderman duology, a critically acclaimed ps4 video game and an Oscar winning animation movie in into the spiderverse. It has been fun. Additionally, Spiderman somehow found a way to jump into the marvel cinematic universe even when his rights were held by Sony and they have featured him in three movies and his own 2 solo movies. So how is the newest one from the MCU Spiderman? Read More

by NAICCON on Jul 8, 2019