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Three African friends are on a mission, one that transcends borders to the larger African continent. A mission to give Disney and other international comic brands a run for their money. Ziki Nelson ‘Mr. overload’, Tolu Foyeh ‘the ambassador’ and Hamid Ibrahim ‘the machine’ came together for several years now to commission a pan African comic collection inspired by African myths and cultures. The friends all from different parts of the continent have come together to create a collection of comic books for, by and of African people. This in the new age where people are looking outside of the norm for material for entertainment, their project is not only telling stories for Africans but for the world about Africa. Read More

by NAICCON on Apr 16, 2019


A hell of a ride

Coming fifteen years after Del Toro’s amazing adaptation of dark horse book by the same name, the Hellboy reboot is upon us whether we needed one or not is, as with most reboots, completely beside the point. It’s here. Take it or leave it. Read More

by NAICCON on Apr 15, 2019



The DCEU is slowly taking shape movie by movie. Shazam is the newest addition to the universe, being the forth origin and the seventh installment, it clearly wanted to take a different path from its predecessors and that's the fun way. The movie is categorized with a bright story, boundless energy, and an irresistible sense of fun. So, does it work? Read More

by NAICCON on Apr 7, 2019


Captain Marvel

Captain marvel, the latest from the giant MCU movie machine, has been placed at the centre most of the cinematic universe. Together with Antman and the wasp, the movie is in middle of two of the most instrumental and monumental films in the whole universe. While the former set itself as an inclusive story without much callbacks to the universe, captain marvel is supposed to introduce us to the character that is key to stopping-or reversing depending on which fan theory you support- the threat that is Thanos. So does it deliver? Read More

by NAICCON on Mar 9, 2019

Comic Books

Peda Comics

"My niche as a creative is just being a creative, meaning creating anything, being open to infinite possibilities as a concept itself is breathtaking..." Read More

by NAICCON on Feb 25, 2019