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The Day Has Come

Part of the excitement is coming from the fact that Marvel has acquired much of it's "world" back. Read More

by NAICCON on Jun 21, 2018

Comic Books

Legends of Africa and Comic Books

And herein is the crux of my observation about Black Panther, my fellow African writers, it seems we are clearly sitting on a mental "vibranium mine" that's being exploited as we watch. Read More

by NAICCON on May 21, 2018


The art of comic book narration and the secret to the MCU's success.

What makes the MCU tick and keep their momentum going? Is it the actors/scripts/effects/plot or movie titles? And what's surprising about this particular aspects of the MCU's movies is that that's all that the competition picks on and debates. But here's why the superhero genre is going strong and their momentum isn't slowing down... Read More

by NAICCON on May 12, 2018